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Challenge of the Week: Take Initiative



 Challenge of the Week: Take Initiative 

“Taking initiative pays off. It is harder to visualize someone as a leader if she is always waiting to be told what to do.” Lean In-Sheryl Sandberg

Challenge: Take a BOLD step and make your ideas happen. REPEAT!

Share your ideas here to help encourage women to make their ideas happen Imagine That: #WomenLeadGVL

Challenge of the Week: Use Your Imagination

IMG_2967Our challenge this week comes from Greg Holliday, maker, programmer, and IT2PI instructor 

Quote: “To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.”- Thomas Edison

Challenge: This week, using what you have, create something that meets a personal or community need. Learn more about the endless possibilities of personal creativity and innovation at Greenville’s ImagineUpstate April 4th 

Bonus: Name the type of circuit in our Napkin Doodle on our Facebook Page. 1st one gets a New Raspberry Pi 2 

Greg Holliday is a native of Upstate South Carolina and currently lives in Easley with his wife Lisa and his son Grayson.  He is a 1986 graduate of Wren High School and earn his Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from Clemson University in 1990.  He also earned his Master of Arts in Computer Resource and Information Management in 1999 from Webster University.

Professionally, Greg has worked in the computer/IT industry for over 20 years. The majority of his professional career has been in the software development. He is currently working as a Senior Software Developer at AssetPoint in Greenville. When not working, he enjoys fly fishing and biking.  He also enjoys working on various electronics and robotics projects using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other devices.

Greg also serves on the Board of Directors for iT2Pi and Beer and Napkins. He will be speaking at our Beer and Napkins Meetup Tuesday, March 31st at 6:00pm visit our Meetup Page


Challenge of the Week: Melinda Hoffman-Afghan Book Collection

Our Beer and Napkins Challenge and Sketch Art comes from local artist and social entrepreneur Melinda Hoffman. Melinda Hoffman, artist and lifelong learner, was inspired by her beautiful granddaughter and her own Afghan art project to create Afghan Book Collection. Melinda “stumbled” upon this need of the Afghan people. We believe it was a calling and thankfully she listened. ABC has become her passion.

The Director of Public Libraries in Afghanistan communicated to Melinda Hoffman that there are no children’s books in Afghan libraries. The idea of a children’s book collection is a new concept to the Afghan people. To make matters more difficult, in Afghanistan the print industry is basically nonexistent. ABC knows that there is a need for children’s literature in Afghanistan, so they are starting at the very beginning. ABC has been offered library space in the Kabul Public Library with a librarian to oversee the books that are sent. ABC will begin with this first collection of books as their initial project. The collection will comprise 100 books for the first shipment. Additional funds will allow even more titles and more translations. ABC is a lean, mean machine with every dollar going into books and their translations.

To learn more about Melinda’s art, passion, and story visit the following sites :

Challenge: Keep your eyes, ears, and mind open to “stumble” upon needs your talents can fulfill!


Weekly Challenge: Your Ideas

This weekly challenge is actually for us! Our goal this week is to provide a better way you all can share your ideas, napkins, and creative journey. So we are listening, watching, and improving! In the meantime we would love to see your napkin work. Please post on our Facebook page or Twitter using #beerandnapkins! Have a creative week!