Frustrated…Slow down, Talk, and Drink a Beer


Courtesy of Tommy Ga-Ken Wan 溫嘉勤


I was going to write about the reboot of Beer and Napkins but I feel it is more important to address the zeitgeist that has zombified all of us into snap judgments and digitally driven antagonism.

From emerging technology changes to hyper-connected politically driven blah-blahs, we are living in harsher times.  Hack journalists are spreading fake news and pushy marketers are overly sensationalizing their products for the sake of social metrics. This ubiquitous platform push of information is causing us to be over stimulated, intensely connected to events and situations.  Paradoxically, we are unconnected emotionally to each other more than ever. We lash out in anger, quickly without checking our emotions, but then it is too late. How do we address this Molotov cocktail that’s fueling an acrimonious wedge in our society?

Slow down and practice dialogue.


Connect with others face to face in a spirit that balances advocacy and inquiry. It is great to hold a position, but not at the expense of understanding someone else’s ideas. How do we balance advocating our thoughts?   You balance by asking questions, slowing down and practicing dialogue. When you inquire you gain respect. When you balance your views with questions to seek understanding, you open up possibilities. If both sides practice dialogue it is one of the most creative collaborative practices to extinguish the flames of hostility.  Yes, it may not work for everyone, but if we all make it a priority to practice, we can make serious inroads to bridging our respective communities. So sit down have a beer and listen!

Yes, Beer and Napkins is back online and we will have some exciting engagements. However, at the heart of all the engagements will be the spirit of dialogue. Cheers

Phil McCreight