Weekly Challenge 6/8/14: Bobby Rettew: Get your Story in the “Zone”

Quote: “TheA little brainstorming zone is the place where the author meets the audience, and they dance to this merry little song where you can recite the words just the way the writer meant for you to sing. That moment at a concert where the singer on the stage pauses during a common part of the song and the audience sings without skipping a beat…you know the zone.” -Bobby Rettew

Challenge:  To get your idea in the zone so others will listen, consider three key elements to your story, your purpose, your audience, and your delivery.

Bobby Rettew is the “Chief Storyteller” for Gray Digital Group, based in San Antonio, Texas. Bobby works with groups all over the country and is based in South Carolina where he calls home. (btw…bobby loves writing about himself in third person…not!)

Bobby is a multimedia producer known for his creative talents, interpersonal communication skills, and new media experience. His background includes corporate marketing communications, PR, social media, new media, television news and expertise in producing compelling visual stories on all digital platforms.

Bobby works with hospitals, higher education institutions, healthcare advocacy groups and small businesses to identify compelling messages and communicate these messages at the right place and the right time. His background in multimedia development, video production, web delivery, and email marketing are the many tools Bobby uses to help build communities around a message.

Bobby has won 6 Emmy’s for his creative work at KPHO-TV and WCNC-TV. He has also been awarded the International Best of Show for Online Communication by the Society of Technical Communication.

Bobby also serves as an Adjunct Instructor at the Arthur M. Spiro Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership at Clemson University and Clemson’s MBA Program. He also serves as Visiting Adjunct Instructor in the Advanced Writing Program in Clemson University’s in the Department of English.

Bobby was educated at Clemson University with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in 1997 and a Master of Arts in Professional Communications in 2003. His graduate work specialized in audience analysis and user-centered design. He has been trained by the Poynter Institute in Storytelling and Visual Communication and by the National Press Photographers Association in Visual Storytelling.

You can reach and learn more about Bobby at  www.graydigitalgroup.com