Weekly Challenge: Despina Yeargin- Live In Your Dreams: A Few Simple Steps

Got dreams? Take action. Oh, but where to begin?

We’re all familiar with the quotes about taking action, but how do we move
beyond the dreaming stage of an idea to the action stage? How do we get that
seed to geminate; how do we transform that dream to a living thing in which we
live, so that (technically speaking) we are living in our dream?

  1. Review the idea and turn it into a story—your story.
  2. Learn the story. Dream it in your bed at night.
  3. Wake up and write your story—pen to paper. No typing on a computer.
    Hold that pen in your hand and move it on the paper. Give it life!
  4. Read your story. Read it. Read it out loud and rejoice in it!
  5. Smile. You are halfway there.
  6. Look around you. Reach out to a few trusted friends. Tell them your story
    and ask them to join you; to help and support you.
  7. Smile. You are very lucky to have such friends. Give them a hug.
  8. Write down the first 10 steps that you need to take. Make them simple and
    make them real. Make them affordable. Make them sustainable.
  9. Put one foot in front of the other. Take that first step. Woo-HOOO!
  10. Smile. You are there. You have entered your dream. Really!
  11. Don’t stop walking.


Way too simple, right? Yes. Exactly! Keep it simple and you will begin—you will take that first step and you will make things happen. Keep a child-like desire TO DO, instead of the learned habit of waiting for everything to be perfect before you begin. The people who don’t wait for that perfection are too busy making things happen. Join them. I will, too.

Despina Yeargin

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