Weekly Challenge May 19th, James Thomas, Unplug and Get Active

JT-beer-and-napkin-2 In celebration of National Bike Month  our challenge comes from industrial designer James Thomas.  Studies show that even a moderate amount of activity can increase creativity for hours. Get on your bike and ride! Challenge: Break up your daily routine with a bike ride, run, or walk. Be open to inspiration along the way allow the creative energy to shape your work for the rest of your day. James Thomas, an industrial designer with an interest in cycling, photography, architecture, lighting, active transportation, sustainability, and art & design in general. You will find content about all of those topics and more here. If bicycles are your main interest, check out my old blog at BicycleDesign.net. That one is no longer updated, but there are 8 years worth of archives that are worth exploring. You can follow James here JCTdesign.net and Twitter/JCTdesign