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#MauldinEdge : The Final Session


Date: September 1st, 6:30 pm  Location: The Turtle Shell 

RSVP here:  #MauldinEdge Meetup 

We have explored a number of ideas in our last few sessions and we are on our way to establishing a number of vitalizing game plans!

At our last event at the Turtle Shell, we will be narrowing down the collective input into from our last session into 2-3 “Themes / Goals” for the community (e.g. “walkability”, “local flavor”, etc) and establish 1-3 short term and long term recommendations for each of them.

Even though you may have not attended the earlier sessions your input is still desired!

We are continuing to collect ideas so please vote, add to our#MauldinEdge idea stream!

Appetizers will be served. Food and drinks available for purchase.

For questions please contact [email protected]m or [email protected]

MauldinEdge: Round II – A Community Based Idea Session Moving the Mauldin Crossroads Forward

Wednesday, August 5th, 6:30pm – 9:30pm The Turtle Shell Grill & Bar
306 N Main St, Mauldin, SC

Sign up here

Beer and Napkins will be stimulating creativity in Mauldin, South Carolina! DiMauldin-Round-IIverse group of Thinkers and Doers Wanted!

We had a great event on Tuesday July 21st. Attendees brainstormed ideas around two challenges.

• What should we see when we walk (or bike) around Mauldin in 5, 10 or 25 years?”

• What kinds of businesses do you want to see in Mauldin?

We collected many ideas and want to continue to dive deeper on potential projects.  Please join us at the Turtle Shell  in Mauldin

Meetup is free.  Food and Beverages will be available for purchase.

Please feel free to add additional ideas on our crowd sourced ImagineThat site:

We will be using the hashtag #MauldinEdge

For more information contact Phil McCreight or Tony Miller 

Weekly Challenge May 19th, James Thomas, Unplug and Get Active

JT-beer-and-napkin-2 In celebration of National Bike Month  our challenge comes from industrial designer James Thomas.  Studies show that even a moderate amount of activity can increase creativity for hours. Get on your bike and ride! Challenge: Break up your daily routine with a bike ride, run, or walk. Be open to inspiration along the way allow the creative energy to shape your work for the rest of your day. James Thomas, an industrial designer with an interest in cycling, photography, architecture, lighting, active transportation, sustainability, and art & design in general. You will find content about all of those topics and more here. If bicycles are your main interest, check out my old blog at That one is no longer updated, but there are 8 years worth of archives that are worth exploring. You can follow James here and Twitter/JCTdesign

Beer and Napkins Event May 22nd: Swamp Rabbit Ideas